Equity – a Cross-sectional Topic

Equity in the context of health and healthcare systems is the overarching research theme within the high-profile area of Health Sciences. There are two levels to this systematic focus on equity: on the one hand population-based disease research, which concentrates more on risk factors and resources for health, contextual (social) determinants; and on the other hand research at the systemic institutional level. The high-profile area establishes new points of reference for all researchers working in the health sciences and offers a variety of options for cooperation within this common thematical focus.

The foundation for this two-level approach to equity in the context of Health Sciences has already been prepared by a variety of research activities concerning social inequality and equity currently being pursued by the participating institutions.

Conference and Special Issue "Ageing - Health - Equity"

The High Profile Area hosted the international conference "Key issues in curent health research: Ageing - Health - Equity" in June 2017. The presentations of the conference are available at the conference website.

Based on the conference contributions a special issue of the  "International Journal of Environmental Research and Health" was published: link to journal website.

Projects and cooperations with a special focus on equity

AEQUIPA – Physical activity and health equity: Primary prevention for healthy ageing
(Consortium project funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, 2015-2021, participating institutions: BIPS, IPP, SOCIUM,  Jacobs University Bremen, TU Chemnitz, OFFIS Institute for Information Technology Oldenburg, Jade University of Applied Sciences Wilhelmshaven, Oldenburg University Clinic, TU Dortmund, Gesundheitswirtschaft Nordwest e.V.(Healthcare Management Nordwest e.V.))

MVP-STAT - Needs-Based Provision of Medical Care to Nursing Home Residents
(Innofonds, 2017-2020, cooperation project of SOCIUM, IPP, KKSB, WIdO)

I.Family - Determinants of eating behaviour in European children, adolescents and their parents
(Joint Project funded by the EU FP7, 2012-2017, participating institutions: BIPS, Department of Biology and Chemistry, and Department of Mathematics/Computer Science, University of Bremen)

Information on other ongoing projects can be found on the websites of the participating institutes: