Research themes, and findings from studies carried out in the Health Sciences are often of great significance to the general public. Not least during the Covid-19 pandemic have we been able to contribute to finding answers to many open questions with our own scientific papers – for instance on Covid-19 risks in facilities for senior citizens and in schools, or on the communication of health-related issues and their potential pitfalls. It is the task of the high-profile area of Health Sciences to promote the integrative exchange of knowledge with the public and society.


Researchers from the high-profile area of Health Sciences are involved in many ways in a policy advisory capacity, bringing their scientific expertise and research findings to the advisory board table – at regional, national and international level.


New concepts, ideas and applications developed through our research work are of interest to the health economy, e.g. for health insurers, providers in long-term care and in the promotion of sport and physical activity. Of course, our research on the use and safety of pharmaceuticals, for which our very large secondary databases are essential, is also of major importance.