Bremer Kolloquium Epidemiologie - Public Health

Dr. Arshad Isakjee (University of Birmingham) hält am Mittwoch, den 2. März 2016, ab 16:00 Uhr am BIPS (Raum 1.550) einen Vortrag mit dem Titel "Violent Abandonment: The Informal Refugee Camp in Calais".


Public Health and the Migration Crisis: The Violent Abandonment of Refugees in Calais, France
The informal European refugee camp is fast becoming the de facto solution of the Mediterranean migration crisis. The Calais camp in Northern France has become a point of transit for migrants, many of whom intend to travel onwards into the UK.  In April 2015, 1500 migrants living throughout Calais were forced to re-locate to a new single site known as 'The New Jungle' on the North-Eastern edge of the town. Unlike formalised refugee camps, the ad hoc nature of the 'New Jungle' and the limited role of the state present significant public health challenges and a unique case study in Europe.
This presentation presents inter-disciplinary, mixed-methods research documenting living conditions in the Calais refugee camp. Having conducted a comprehensive environmental health survey of the site including collecting air, water, and food samples, observations and interviews with refugees - we uncover the substantial threats to the wellbeing of residents living in informal settlements as a consequence of state policies of de-facto abandonment. We conclude that the impact of European and national policy in Northern France amounts to the violent abandonment of refugees in Calais – and is nothing less than a public health crisis.