"Key Issues in Current Health Research: Ageing - Health - Equity": Complementing the conference in 2017, a special issue of the International Journal of Environmental Research and Health is now available for download on the journal homepage.

Assessment of complex health interventions: Results of the EU-funded project INTEGRATE-HTA have been published in a special issue of the International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care (Volume 33 - Issue 5 - 2017): link to the journal.

High-profile Area - Health Sciences

Researchers in the high-profile area of “Health Sciences” investigate the causes and prevention of diseases and conduct research on health promotion as well as nursing care and health services. Research work carried out in this area is often of direct relevance to issues of health and health care equity. The studies conducted contribute and investigate theories and methods to answer these issues.  

The overall aim is to contribute towards a better understanding of health, disease and health care by conducting health science and epidemiological studies. The health of the population and the quality of health care are central reference points of our research work.

The researchers involved are mainly members of the faculties 3 and 11 of the University of Bremen.